Well folks what an up and down start to the season.

After our big refit in West Java we got stuck down there for a week due to some crazy winds.

January pumped, February was a tad slow. March was off it’s face good. April we got an unexpected charter due to one of our good friends boat playing up.
A bunch of Sydney and Wollongong lads scored with Captain Sooly on board and only 1 day of rough weather out of 10. The surf was a perfect 3 -5 foot and everyone had a blast.
Then we turned into a cargo boat and headed out to Telo all loaded up. 
May is generally our most popular month up here with light winds and usually big swell. This year the back end of May was unusually small but we still managed to get the boys into some clean uncrowded sessions.
The crew have just had their end of Ramadan break and Huey is back out again on another rescue mission due to a good mates boat having some engine issues.

The forecast for the rest of June is looking amazing with back to back swells on the horizon.
We still have 2 spots left July 19th – 31st.
3 spots August 29 – Sept 10 and full boats available for October and November.

Click the link below for all available dates and the 2020 schedule is filling up so get the lads together and start organising.

That’s all for now Folks.
Hope it’s offshore and pumping in your part of the world.
Team Huey