Huey News! July 2018

Well this season has been nothing short of amazing wind wise. Light and variable conditions have meant all breaks have been firing. We haven’t
seen any monster swells since the big one in April but that’s all about to change as the July forecast shows 3 good swells backed up and ready to
pound the reefs of our special island chain.As usual our guests new and old have been savouring the delights both in and out of the water with an
exceptional year for fishing so far.

The Narrabeen lads just got off the boat. Every year these legends come and rip the bag out of the waves up here and this year was no exception.
They ventured north for a change and scored some uncrowded peeling lefts by themselves all day. Plus a few other spots we can’t mention here.

The Sunny Coast Lads absolutely slayed it with one memorable session landing 13 Mackies in 2 hours. Sashimi and beers were on hand every arvo
on the front deck after a good days surfing. Our yearly regulars from Cottesloe along with some Saffa mates got onto the fish as well, while there
wasn’t any bomb swells the boys managed to score some uncrowded waves when it did pick up. We loving burning the fuel up on board Huey.
Waves are the priority, not what’s left in the tanks at the end of a trip.

Sab has been getting the boat into some great waves this season and his video and photo packages are proving very popular.
Can’t forget the crew either. They have been doing a massive job keeping the old tub running like clockwork.


We still have 2 spots up for grabs August 12 so email us for a deal.
The 2019 Huey schedule is up on the site so if you’re freezing ya tits off in Aussie get the lads together and get on board. If smaller waves are more
your thing our early season January to March has plenty of openings.

We have a discounted special end of season charter in November. Huey is heading to Jakarta for our annual docking and minor refit so if you want
some uncrowded waves and see an untouched part of Sumatra hit the inbox. The boat will go through the Southern Mentawais, Enganno and

That’s all for now Folks,
Happy Surfing,
Team Huey-1



  • Hey guys. What an awesome trip. I’ve been running boats professionally for 20 years and this is as slick of an operation as I’ve ever come across. From the travel agent in Aussie to dropping us into all the right waves Huey-1 nailed it from woe to go. Thanks Sools, K-Rock, Am, Ari and Amon. Awesome!!

    Patrick Breese, Senior Captain, Captain Cook Cruises, Sydney Harbour
  • Seriously mate, had the sickest time. Unbelievable food and hospitality. Wherever we went the wind was on our side. The crew did an amazing job and I caught a monster Spanish Mackeral, so stoked. All in all it was a journey I will never forget. Thanks Sooly.

    Asher Pacey
  • Hi Sools, Just got back from our trip. Mate we had a great time on board Huey. From the moment we stepped on the boat we were treated like kings. The crew were awesome and as for the food, the quality and amount left the boys shaking their heads. Benny was the best and got us into great uncrowded waves from the very start and his knowledge of the breaks was invaluable. Once again thanks for an epic trip.


    Gav Clark

    Late Season
  • Best Fu#*en trip eva!!! Had so much fun with sick waves, bullshit food and an amazing crew. The boys went mad. The Huey rules. Thanks boys.

    Yadin Nicol
  • Amazing stuff all the way. Kairul is the best cook ever, sending my mum for lessons. Sooly had it sussed and found us sick waves and I was stoked to hook up with cool lads. The boat cruises like no other, great for sea sickness sufferers. I loved it!! Definitely be back.

    Kobi Cohen (Izzy)
  • You will want for nothing aboard Huey. Unbelievable service

    Toasty (Manly Surf)
  • Emotional! Good times, good crew, good surf, good food. FEEL IT!!!

    Fez ( DJ Dr. Willis)